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They are in love with each other, absolutely, unashamedly, unreservedly.

8 July 1991
Perididdle ♦ Loves ♣ Future ♥ Procrastinations ♠ From Here
Hello, everyone! I'm Perididdle. I'm also known as Madison, Maddy, or Maddsies in "real life", and across the internet as InsaneMuse (sometimes) and Tango (rarely). I'm 18, and going into my senior year of high school at a small independent school. I'm an equestrian, mostly doing hunter-jumper, as it combines my love of horses and my lack of coordinating for pretty much any other sport. I also enjoy writing, reading (when I'm not lazy), doing art (photomanipulations), parentheses, good television, and my best friend in the enitre universe, kalishaka.
Joss Whedon - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse. Bryan Fuller - Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls. Russell T. Davies - Doctor Who, Torchwood. How I Met Your Mother. The Big Bang Theory. Friends. Gilmore Girls. Dawson's Creek. Ugly Betty. Veronica Mars. Glee. Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Bare: A Pop Opera. Sweeney Todd. Legally Blonde. Rent. Wicked. Anastasia. Les Miseables. Evita. The Lion King. Cats. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The Last Five Years. Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog.

In case you did not notice, TV shows and musicals are love. No color bar needed.
I desperately want to work in television. I want to write and produce, possibly direct, scripted hour-long shows. I would, however, settle for anything - staff writer, script girl, PA, whatever. I just want to live and breathe the fantastic medium that is television. That, and possibly own my own island on which I shall have many ponies. I would settle for a compromise of both, if necessary.
When not riding, watching TV, catering to kalishaka or, god forbid, doing homework, I'm an internet junkie. I'm a moderator on Wajas.com, and stop at Tygras.com, Gryffs.com, Digis.Peachtea.net, Feralis.net, and various other web delights. I also spend much of my time arguing about things on various message boards, primarily pertaining to horse racing. When not doing those, you may catch me in a rare moment gaming, usually with Fable, Zelda, Spyro, or Oblivion.

28 days later, adventures, alfred hitchcock, alternate reality games, angel: the series, angels, angelus, anya christina emanuella jenkins, australia, back to the future, bare: a pop opera, billie piper, books, boy meets world, broadway, bryan fuller, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/spike, caos, cats, chicago, craftiness, curlin, dancing, daniel/betty, dawson's creek, dirty rotten scoundrels, disney, doctor who, doctor/rose, dollhouse, dr. horrible's sing-along-blog, dreams, england, europe, evita, fandom, firefly, florence, four sweater vests, fried green tomatoes, friends, gayboys, geeks, gilmore girls, hairspray, harry dresden, harry/hermione, hating fox, himym, history, horror movies, horse racing, horses, hunter/jumper, icons, italy, jim butcher, joss whedon, jossverse, julie andrews, knitting, la, legally blonde, logan/veronica, magic, movies, mst3k, muses, music, musicals, mythology, nature, neil patrick harris, new york city, new zealand, northwestern university, outer space, pacey/joey, patti lupone, pirates, possibilities, rachel alexandra, reefer madness, rent, robots, rose colored glasses, rpgs, russell t. davies, scream, scripts, secret diary..., serenity, sloane's striped socks, surprise!lesbians, sweeney todd, tardis, television, the 10th kingdom, the big bang theory, the class, the kentucky derby, the lion king, the princess bride, the spill canvas, time travel, topher/adelle, torchwood, travelling, ugly betty, vampires, veronica mars, wajas, werewolves, wicked, will-o-the-wisp, wonderfalls, writing, writing with lisha, zombies