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They are in love with each other, absolutely, unashamedly, unreservedly.
The Now 
8th-Apr-2015 10:49 pm - Friends Only
Marry A Doctor

Friends Only ... Comment to be added
4th-Jul-2011 02:04 am - Adventures in oldschool me
Lol, Edward
I somehow stumbled upon an old chapter of the story that essentially planted most of what makes up me - somehow my weird little adventure into some characters I'd created on a whim brought me to a lifelong friend and also ten million annoyances who still talk actively to this day. After a really intense night, I ended up getting a bit wrapped up in what is literally the first spark of a personal history where I can start to see things fall into place.

Unfortunately, said spark is wrapped up around a prose story that I took very, very seriously.

I had fun snarking at myself and my characters for a little bit.

Chapter 14
Hawk had turned away about fifteen minuets ago, and Trisha hadn’t been able to stop him.
Minuets? Those things last a while. Trish probably should have at least sat down for a while.

Drake's first goal upon Morca, Amit, Hawk, etc. leaving is to basically sex Trish up. I mean that's what he does in Morca/Drake AUs when just Amit leaves, but come on man, self control.

Wherein Trish is a hypocrite. Other stuff happens, but that's really the most important part, isn't it?Collapse )
And now I am sleepy so I will stop, but maybe I'll go back to the beginning. I'm sure THAT is another sort of funny entirely...
7th-Apr-2009 04:42 pm - *Giggle*
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Who FINALLY has a soundtrack/recording album list?

That would be me!

List of Soundtracks, OBCs, OOBCs, NBCsCollapse )

As well as...

Musical Bootlegs - Full Shows, Individual Songs, and Videos!Collapse )

A shout out to Daphyn, who seriously supplied me with probably 85% of this list over the course of about 4 CDs. Major luff. *Huggles!*

14th-Aug-2008 10:15 am - Fandom Post - As Of August 14, 2008
Doctor/Rose - Forever
I've edited this to just include TV shows and books, since musical fandoms are harder to work with. I'll likely throw in movies, video games and such later.

16 FandomsCollapse )
9th-Aug-2006 01:43 am - 'Cause it looked like fun!
Little Boy
Post anything that you want, and post it anonymously


A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love - anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post twice if you'd like.

Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

(In other news, I just don't want to sleep. *Frowns*)
8th-Aug-2005 03:56 pm - Cats Icons!
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Being just as insane as Lisha, I'm doing a 100 icon thing for Mosaic100. I picked Cats...mostly because it was a musical, which the community was lacking, and I know of a website that has screencaps/cast pictures like WHOA, and I wanted reason to use them. Soooo, I've done 35 icons thus far - you're required to do 35 set to 35 different themes. Some of them were fun, and some made me want to kill all icons. I did kind of get lazy after a bit and I fell into a certain style that was easy enough...but, yesh. Some of these I'm proud of, actually. I'll explain themes if need be, but I have no ambition to do all of it in a post, sadly...

So, yesh, onto the icons. If anyone from my flist or comms I post this in wish to use any icons, just comment away. Credit would be nice, too. ^_^

Were you there when the pharaoh's commisioned the sphynx?Collapse )

9th-Jul-2005 12:56 am - Oh my god...oh my god...
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Never sit at the top of the driveway at midnight. Just...NEVER DO IT.

Tito and I were sitting around, and this truck drives by, and it slows down but keeps going down the road so we didn't worry much...and then we're sitting around and we see a light coming around the turn, and Tito says "Oh my god...that's the same truck..." and it slows down, practically stops, and pulls into the driveway. And FUCKING SPOTLIGHTS US. Tito and I leapt up and just started flying down the driveway, and I'm screaming "DAD. DAD. DAD." and it follows us down...and I think it stopped at one point and then kept following us, but I just know I was exhausted by the time we had like 20 yards to go and I thought it had stopped, but it kept following us down until we ran into the house, and it came through and turned around in the driveway and then left. It was the single most terrifying thing I think I've ever gone through.

We called 911...because well teh Daphyn is reasonable and all good like that so I took her advice, and the lady said an officer would get in contact with us, then the line went all "if you would like to make a call, please hang up" blah blah blah. But yeah. Terrified. Never called 911 before, that was nifty, lol...

God. SO FRICKIN' SCARED. Ugh. Probably not staying downstairs for long, it's terrifying up here. Call the house if you feel like talking tonight.

11th-May-2005 10:13 pm(no subject)
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Life is a cabaret, old chum
It's just a cabaret, old chum
And I love a cabaret
8th-Apr-2005 04:57 pm - Stolen from some random person
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Reply with an anonymous comment with an answer for each question, then take back to your own LJ and post:

1. One cryptic I may understand...but I may not.

2. One compliment you've wanted to give me.

3. One random thing just off the top of your head.

4. One celebrity you hate to admit you are attracted to.

5. One celebrity you love to admit you are attracted to.

6. How old do you feel?

7. About how long have we known each other/known of each other?

8. And a hint as to who you are.

Have fuuuuun.
8th-Apr-2005 04:07 pm - EEEEEEE!
Doctor/Rose - Forever
Familiar with candle?
With book and with bell?
Were you Witingham's friend?
The Pied Piper's assistant?
Have you been an alumnus of heaven and hell?



It goes back to Hanaaahhh on Monday, and Alicia gets it sometime next week, then Kelsey gets it next Friday. One of these days, it'll go back to Sarah. It IS her video. But, no. Not yet. *Sings along happily*

I so know it's spring. There are dandelions, and the flowers are coming up, and the vinca is purpl (I think that's what it's called?), and there are butterflies fluttering around when I come home. Sadly, along with these things, it also means it's getting hotter (*clings to her hoodies*) and there are bugs. Everywhere. I was nearly mauled by a bee today, and there are FLIES when I go to the barn. *twitch* Okay, I know everyone hates flies, but I feel I can win any contest. Being a horse person, flies are more than an annoyance. They are enemy number ONE. Ugh. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. Rawr. I want them GONE.

Um, yeah. Flies = evil.

And sad news...my Rambaldis shirt is too small for me. And I have no idea why. It's about the same size as my vintage shirts that I love so much, and it fit okay when I got it. But this morning it annoyed me to the point of changing into my Defy Gravity shirt. Maybe it was just annoyed with me, but yeah...annoyingness...maybe my boobs got bigger. *Glares at them.* Hopefully I can fix it, I've done it before. Damn me for getting the girlie style.

And that's about it for now...Hanaahh comes over Sunday, yay. And now I must go watch CATS. *Dance*

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